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Roundbank Insurance Agency Merger

Roundbank Insurance Agency to Merge with Minnwest Insurance Agency, Inc.   Roundbank Insurance Agency and Minnwest Insurance Agency, Inc., a subsidiary of Minnwest Bank, announced the signing of an agreement to merge. Completion of the transaction is contingent on the approval of the Minnwest Bank and Roundbank merger, which is currently expected to occur by […]

Air Quality and Health Impacts from Vehicle Electrification

According to a study conducted by Cornell and published on insurancejournal.com, “A Cornell University-led research team has calculated that by the year 2050, vehicle electrification, driverless cars and ride sharing could prevent 5,500 premature deaths and save $58 billion annually, while simultaneously slashing U.S. petroleum consumption by 50% and carbon dioxide emissions by 75%. The […]

Flood Insurance Coverage

What Is Covered (and Not Covered) Under My NFIP Policy Just a few inches of water can cost thousands of dollars in damage to a home. Flood insurance can help homeowners deal with the financial consequences of flooding, although like other types of insurance policies it doesn’t cover all losses. The National Flood Insurance Program […]

Progressive RV Insurance

Here’s a few more reasons why Progressive is leading the industry when it comes to RV insurance. Progressive Has been insuring RV’s for nearly 50 years. We are recognized as the industry leader when it comes to insuring all RV types! Our Specialized RV coverages include: Total loss replacement We’ll replace a customer’s totaled travel […]

Fire Prevention

Do you have an escape plan at home for fire safety? Check out this Fire Safety information and chat with your agent for more resources on how to be prepared! Contact Us Today! Fire Prevention Tips and Safety Checklists: • If a fire occurs in your home, GET OUT, STAY OUT and CALL for help.• […]

American Rescue Plan Update

American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 Update Last week we announced the passage of the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021. The act includes important health care insurance provisions that will expand benefits available to Minnesota through MNsure. One key change is a two-year enhancement to premium tax credits (PTCs) available to eligible individuals who […]

MNsure Changes

MNsure statement regarding federal changes to the Affordable Care Act New policies set to improve affordability on Minnesota’s marketplace ST. PAUL, Minn.—On Thursday, March 11, President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan, which includes several key health care provisions to the Affordable Care Act that will expand benefits available to Minnesotans through MNsure. This includes […]

5 important facts about car insurance no one ever tells you

Understanding the basics of car insurance can be difficult enough, let alone understanding the lesser-known intricacies involved with the guidelines, policies and procedures of today’s insurance providers. Below, we’ve outlined some important, yet oftentimes obscure, insurance facts, so you’re “in-the-know” when you’re on-the-go. Fact No. 1: Your credit impacts your insurance rates Believe it or not, your […]

Preventing Ice Dams

As we head into a warm up – The Minnesota Department of Commerce has provided tips for dealing with Ice Dams. If you have any damage from ice buildup, call your Roundbank Insurance Agent to discuss your coverage. Ice Dams: Helpful tips from the Minnesota Department of Commerce’s Home Energy Guide February 15, 2021 | Consumers, Energy, Insurance Ice […]

Winter Water Damage Prevention

Colder weather means snow, ice, and frozen pipes, One thing to keep an eye on once temperatures reach the freezing point is your exposed pipes and water lines. As freezing water expands into ice, the pressure can compromise the integrity of the pipe and pipe fittings, which often lead to cracked or burst pipes resulting […]