Progressive RV Insurance

Here’s a few more reasons why Progressive is leading the industry when it comes to RV insurance.

Progressive Has been insuring RV’s for nearly 50 years. We are recognized as the industry leader when it comes to insuring all RV types! Our Specialized RV coverages include:

Total loss replacement

We’ll replace a customer’s totaled travel trailer or motorhome with a brand new one, minus the deductible. For example, the RV purchased two years ago may have depreciated in value. However, Progressive guarantees the same model year or later which means we will replace your customer’s RV even if it costs more than the original vehicle’s purchase price.

Replacement cost/personal effects

Get customers coverage, up to a specified amount, for personal items inside their RV, such as s smartphones and camera equipment.

Emergency expense coverage

We’ll give customers up to $750 for transportation and hotel costs plus meals if your customer is on vacation and their RV is disabled more than 50 miles away from their home. For an extra cost, they can upgrade to $2,000 in coverage.

Roof Protection Plus™

Provides coverage to repair or completely replace the vehicles roof if it’s damaged. This coverage includes general wear and tear, and damage to other parts of the vehicle caused directly by the roofs malfunction.

Pest Damage Protection Coverage™

Provides coverage to motor homes and non-stationary travel trailers caused by mice, rats, insects, birds other non-domesticated animals, or other rodents and vermin.